Funeral Arrangements

 Loss of a Loved One

Grief affects everyone at some time. The caring professionals at Berndt-Ledesma Funeral Home will support you through the grieving process as you make the important decisions following the death of a loved one. Together we will plan a service that best meets your needs and the wishes of your loved one. Our funeral home professionals then organize and coordinate the many details to facilitate a healthy grieving process.

Why Hold Funeral Services?

  • To honor the passing of a loved one
  • To share in the individual's spiritual beliefs
  • To provide comfort
  • To give family and friends time to say good-bye
  • To bring back memories
  • To start the healing process
  • By gathering together to pay tribute, families are also able to identify and address each others emotional, financial, and practical needs following a loss.

Making the Service as Unique as Your Loved One

Personalization of funeral services is a tradition dating back to the ancient Egyptians and continues to bring comfort today. Families often celebrate the life of their loved one with displays that bring back memories. We will present many ideas to make services both a tribute and a start to healing grief for mourners of all ages. These are suggestions only, intended to facilitate the grieving process, and not intended to conflict with any religious or personal beliefs. Ultimately, your wishes and beliefs will guide you in making the choices for you and your family.

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