Why Preplan?


Since ancient times, people honor the unique life of those they love with a special tribute. It is no different today, for funeral or cremation services. These services are planned and provided to help survivors face the reality of death, the first important step in working through their grief. Services provide friends and relatives an opportunity to express their love and respect for someone who was very important to them. They share the grief of their loss, and together provide comfort and support for one another.

Preplanning for your funeral or cremation service is really just another way that we can show our family and friends how much we care. We plan for many of life’s events, from births to anniversaries, vacations, graduations, weddings, and retirements. Planning just makes it easier for ourselves and our family. We also buy life, health, home and auto insurance to protect us in event of a crisis. So why not provide insurance protection for the one thing we know will happen?

The Berndt-Ledesma Funeral Home has simplified the preplanning process into:

 4 Simple Steps

1.     Gather the information needed to make the important decisions for your future.

2.     Document that important information with a funeral provider that you have confidence in providing those services you selected.

3.     Protect those decisions by prefunding for your funeral or cremation service.

4.     Share that important information with your loved ones.

“One of the most satisfying benefits of planning ahead, is knowing that your wishes and desires are aligned with your financial circumstances.” – Anonymous

“Advance funeral planning gives you “Peace of Mind” knowing that your funeral or cremation plans are taken care of while lessening the burden on your survivors.” – AARP

There are many different circumstances and reasons why a person wants to preplan for their funeral or cremation services. Below are the reasons why:

* Prefunding allows the funeral home to guarantee that the services and merchandise will not cost more at the time of need.

* Funds are placed into a separate account. In WI, the funeral home does not get the money ahead of time. In Wisconsin there are 2 ways you can prepay for your funeral or cremation services (bank trusts or insurance funding).

*  Bank Funding

* Interest is taxable.

* Costs may exceed Title XIX limits if applicable, no guarantee. Excess belongs to the funeral home.

* Cost is paid up-front when trust is initiated.

* There are limits for Title XIX.

*  Insurance Funding

* Non-taxable growth.

* All funeral home costs can be guaranteed.  Excess belongs to the family.

* Payment plans available with possible first day coverage.

* No limits for Title XIX.

* Funds are completely transferable.

* Funds are sheltered from Title XIX (The 1965 federal law that provides for medical assistance to those who cannot afford to pay for it).

*  Funds sheltered:  Savings and some insurance policies must be cashed in to qualify for Title XIX. 100% of funeral insurance prefunding can be sheltered.

*  No limits:  Through funeral insurance prefunding there are no limits on how much you allocate for “Professional Services, Merchandise or Miscellaneous funds”.

* Ensures that your wishes will be honored – Peace of Mind.

* No financial burden to your loved ones.

The Berndt-Ledesma Funeral Home provides preneed Insurance.  This type of insurance must be purchased through a funeral home. You will receive a contract detailing specific manufacturer, product name, the merchandise selected, current costs and how services will be carried out so that any family member can clearly understand those wishes.

The cost breakdown will consist of the professional services, the merchandise and any miscellaneous expenses. These costs will be consistent with our current General Price List.

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